EDCs and children's health risk

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报告人:邓文靖 博士(香港教育大学)




邓文靖 博士,香港教育大学助理教授。2003-2007年开展大气中持久性有机污染物的细胞毒性研究,并获香港浸会大学博士学位。邓文靖博士的主要研究内容包括:持久性有毒物质(PTS)的室内外暴露特征及儿童健康效应。目前主持的项目包括:FLASS Dean’s Strategic Research FundGRF 2019-2020ECS/RGC fund 2012-2013等。近年来,邓文靖博士及其团队在Environment InternationalEnvironmental PollutionAtmospheric Environment 等期刊发表SCI论文40余篇(被引2200次,H指数16i10指数23)。


There is growing evidence that suggests 70–90% of chronic diseases are attributable to environmental factors and a majority of contributors are toxic chemicals, especially Endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs). EDCs have effects at extremely low doses like that of natural hormones to regulate bodily functions. Due to children’s continuing development and behavioural activities, young children are likely to suffer more from the adverse effects of EDCs than adults.  The body burden of EDCs on children has become a global and ubiquitous problem. However, there are few research studies on the exposure of Hong Kong children to EDCs. Although the results of our previous work and recent monitoring studies suggest widespread occurrence of EDCs in Hong Kong, most work was focused on occurrence and the fate of small parts of EDCs in sewage or aquatic environment. As one of the most densely populated areas in the world and one of the most economically developed regions in China, EDCs in Hong Kong might pose risks to humans because of high meat intake and processed food intake. Beyond that, some EDCs, such as flame retardants (FRs) are partitioned into air more readily in warmer regions. The Endocrine Society has called on European regulators to ensure that EDCs can be identified “using practical, achievable scientific standards in detailed comments on a draft guidance document for implementing criteria for the identification of EDCs”. It is our opinion that EDA method of biota samples is a solution that can work out the burden of increasing numbers of emerging contaminants on the human body. In view of the solid research foundation of the EDA method in Europe, a collaborative research study between Hong Kong and Belgium will not only contribute to the measurement of EDCs in Hong Kong, but also to improvements in the EDA method for European regulators.