Dimitri Van de Perre

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Dimitri Van de Perre, Ph.D., mainly focuses on investigating the combined and interactive effects of heavy metals, pesticides and global warming on freshwater communities. In 2018 Dr. Van de Perre got his Ph.D in applied biological sciences from Ghent University, Belgium. Since 2014, Dr. Van de Perre published 4 SCI papers (three of them were published as the first author) in Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry.  Dr. Van de Perre his most recent paper (Van de Perre et al 2018b “The combined and interactive effects of zinc, temperature and phosphorus on the structure and functioning of a freshwater community”) was among the top 10 most exceptional papers of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry of 2018. In addition, Dr. Van de Perre presented his work on several international conferences and participated in an international project called AQUASTRESS.