Linking Environmental Contamination with Food Safety and Human Health

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Presenter: Dr Wei Zhang from Michigan State University

Venue: SERI Meeting Room, Level 4, Science Building 3, University Town Campus

Time: 9:30-11:00am, June 5, 2018


Speaker: Wei Zhang, Michigan State University

Title: Linking Environmental Contamination with Food Safety and Human Health in the Era of One Health

Abstract: Our world is facing many grand challenges such as water scarcity, soil degradation, food insecurity, and antibiotic resistance. In the era of Anthropocene marked by highly coupled human and natural systems, the One Health framework emphasizes the interdependence of human, animal, plant, and environmental health. It serves as an ideal platform for environmental soil and water research, because clean water and safe food are critical environmental determinants of health. This talk will highlight our recent work on environmental processes of emerging contaminants (e.g., antibiotics, antibiotic resistance genes, engineered nanoparticles, and plant pathogens), and their impacts on agricultural production, food safety, and human health.

Affiliation: Department of Plant, Soil and Microbial Sciences, and Environmental Science and Policy Program, Michigan State University

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