School of Environment 2019 Campus Open Day

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On June 23, 2019, South China Normal University (SCNU) held the 2019 Campus Open Day for the upcoming undergraduate enrollment consultation after the national college entrance exam. Some departments from SCNU and other universities in Guangdong Province attended this event Shipai Campus. This Open Day was aimed to facilitate the understanding by majority of examinees, parents on the enrollment policy/information, University feature, education philosophy and other information of South China normal University. The School of the Environment participated in this event for the first time after its establishment in April this year.

Zhu Kongjun, the secretary of the party committee of SCNU, went to the event to inquire about the preparation of the activity, the development of the activity and the consultation of visiting parents and examinees. Ying Guangguo, the head of the School of Environment, gave a brief introduction and report. Secretary Zhu affirmed the enrollment consultation preparations of the School of Environment and wish the School of Environment a “good harvest” in this activity.


We showed the overview of the school, including professional features and advantages, teachers, scientific research activities, international exchange, student activities, graduation’s destination, etc. by posters and brochures. This show was simple and clear, and highly praised by candidates and parents. The booth of the School of Environment was well visited by the candidates and parents, due to the recent national policies on ecological civilization construction and environmental protection. Some of our teachers and students from onsite introduced the academic construction, characteristic specialties and staff structure of the school to the potential students and their parents as well as giving them SCNU2019 enrollment brochure, and the undergraduate enrollment brochure of School of Environment. Examinees and parents inquired on the size and development of the school, entrance application, enrollment policies/plan, courses, opportunities for exchange and study abroad, career after graduation and employment rates, and so on. The staff and students answered the above questions conscientiously and carefully. This year, the School of Environment has two undergraduate programs, i.e. Environmental Science and Environmental Engineering which is in the first batch of enrollment within Guangdong province. The candidates and parents have a deeper understanding of the education features of our school, the direction of the subject, the curriculum, as well as the opportunities for further study and future career. This bettered their upcoming college entrance application.


The successful holding of the 2019 Campus Open Day of South China Normal University and the successful holding of enrollment consultation activities has fully adapted to the new situation and needs of the current enrollment propaganda work. It is helpful for society communities, especially the examinees and parents, to better understand the education philosophy, staff quality, scientific research strength, department culture, etc of the School of Environment at South China Normal University. At the same time, we can take this opportunity to show the achievements of our university and enhance the public impression of our university.