The 6th National Ecotoxicology Conference in Guangzhou closed

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The 6th National Ecotoxicology Conference in Guangzhou closed

-the School of Environment established in SCNU


The 6th National Ecotoxicology Conference was held in Guangzhou during April 25-29, 2019 which was jointly hosted by the South China Normal University (SCNU), Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), Jinan University and the editorial office of the Asian Journal of Ecotoxicology in the Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences (RCEES) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). The chair of the conference is Prof. Guang-guo Ying, the director of the Environmental Research Institute at SCNU. President Enke Wang of SCNU gave an opening speech for this conference. There were about 1600 attendees for this conference, which was a great success.



Prof. Guang-Guo Ying gave a welcome speech



Prof. Enke Wang, the president of SCNU, gave an opening speech


The theme of this conference is: Healthy Environment, Sustainable Future. There were 3 main topics: 1. Environmental pollution process and exposure analysis of chemical substances; 2. Ecotoxicological effects and mechanisms of chemical substances; 3. Ecological and health risk assessment of chemical substances. In addition, a special forum on novel technologies and methods was also set up. The meeting discussed the latest developments in environmental processes, toxicological effects, ecological and health risks of chemical substances, and promoted the ecotoxicology research in China. The conference invited 14 distinguished scientists working on environmental and ecological fields at home and abroad to give plenary talks, including Prof. Guibin Jiang from the RCEES of CAS, Prof. Choon Nam Ong from the Environmental Research Institute of the National University of Singapore, Prof. Lizhong Zhu from Zhejiang University, Prof. Fengchang Wu from the Chinese Academy of Environmental Sciences, Prof. Bryan Brooks from Baylor University, Prof. Yin Tang from East China Institute of Technology, Prof. Charles Menzie who is the Global Executive Director of the Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry Society (SETAC), Professor Paul Van de Brink from Wageningen University, Prof. Paul Kwan Sing Lam from the City University of Hong Kong, Prof. Daniel Schlenk from the University of California Riverside, Prof. Wenxiong Wang from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Prof. Kevin Jones from Lancaster University, Prof. Jingwen Chen from Dalian University of Technology, and Prof. Zijian Wang from the RCEES of CAS. In addition, Ms. Yu Liu, the Director of the Department of Environmental Earth Sciences of the National Natural Science Foundation of China gave a brief introduction to the new policies and new areas and directions of fund evaluation.

The conference also set up 12 sessions on environmental antibiotics and resistance genes, computational toxicology, marine ecotoxicology, metal nanoparticles, environmental exposure and bioavailability of emerging pollutants, flame retardants and plasticizer, pesticide, microplastics, water ecosystem integrity, and soil ecotoxicity as well as 4 postgraduate forums. There were 357 platform presentations and 305 posters. Four best platform presentations and 4 best posters were selected out of the postgraduate forums. In addition, the International Symposium on Chemical Risk Prediction and Management (ISCRPM2019) was held during the conference.



Group Photo for the ISCRPM2019


The National Ecotoxicology Conference has become an important and open platform for sharing and exchanging ideas for researchers in the fields of ecotoxicology and environmental science. This year's Conference is a high-quality and high-level academic event, enhanced communication and collaboration among peers and improved the research on ecotoxicology in China. It can also promote the development of the environmental disciplines in our university in the future.



President Enke Wang et. al. unveiled the nameplate for the new School of Environment at SCNU.


In addition, President Enke Wang of SCNU announced the establishment of the School of Environment in his opening speech of the conference and unveiled the nameplate for the new school of SCNU together with Prof. Guibin Jiang, Prof. Lizhong Zhu, Prof. Fengchang Wu, and Ms. Yu Liu.