About SERI

SCNU Environmental Research Institute

About SERI: SCNU Environmental Research Institute (SERI) was established by South China Normal University (SCNU) as one of its important strategic measures in building into a top-level comprehensive university. It is aimed to strengthen the development of environmental science and engineering disciplines in SCNU, and to meet the big demand of environmental pollution control in China due to the rapid economic development. SCNU has a good foundation in environmental subjects, with various environmental studies going on in schools of chemistry and environment, life science, geography, public administration as well as law. SERI helps integrate all sorts of research resources in the university and carry out innovative research through collaboration. It will also provide an important platform for collaboration among scientists of different disciplines in pursuing world-class research in environmental science and technology.

    SERI was built on the basis of Professor Guang-Guo Ying’s Research Group from Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, together with recruited staff and some faculties of environmental fields within the university. SERI will conduct innovative research in environmental pollution and control technology, focusing on frontier and emerging sciences in the environmental fields, which involve environmental chemistry, environmental toxicology, environmental omics, environmental informatics and modeling, environmental technology and engineering. We welcome environmental scientists from overseas and within China to join the SERI.